Hello, my name is Ira Zelikman, I am a jewellery designer. My jewellery is made of seed beads, pearls and gemstones.

Seed beads, despite popular belief, are made of glass and not plastic. With its beautiful colouring and a wide variety of shades and undertones, they are essentially a natural material.  Due to their own colour, beads are better than metal when you need to emphasize the natural beauty of a gem, pearl, or nacre, while different weaving techniques allow creating interesting patterns and connecting elements.

When I was a kid, my father, sculptor Adolf Neystat, paid a lot of attention to developing my artistic taste and appreciation for art. He took me to museums and exhibitions, using art work to explain the foundations of colour coordination, symmetry, and proportion. This knowledge has become an integral part of my personality, and to this day I continue my self-education in this field. Of course, I follow fashion trends and take into consideration my clients’ wishes, but I also always make sure that my jewellery conforms to the classic aesthetic canons.

Any interesting observation could become a source of inspiration for me, but first and foremost I am inspired by my customers—women of all types, ages, and styles. I offer a large selection of pieces, ranging from simple to quite extravagant and luxurious. In my collection, one can find a set for any occasion.

Jewellery made of beads, pearls and gemstones and assembled with a special nylon thread could sometimes be a very complex structure but it always looks and feels natural.  The arrangement of beads and thread in every piece is carefully calculated to ensure that it maintains its shape and lasts for many years, even with everyday use.

We can always find the right piece and the right gem for each customer. I really want every woman to be beautiful and charming in her own, unique way. And if my jewellery can help with this, I would consider my mission accomplished.